Why Join?

YOUR adventure awaits, just LEAD the way!

Crew 2319 is all about young adults (age 14 to 20 years old) planning and conducting outdoor (and indoor) adventures that are fun and exciting.

  • Let’s canoe in Boundary Waters of Quetico Provincial Park in Canada as eagles soar overhead as we slow paddle next to a beaver house
  • Let’s backpack a section of the AT and take in the autumn colors
  • Let’s scuba dive the “fish tank” off of Key Largo
  • Let’s run a field day for underprivileged kids
  • Let’s, well, what adventure are you dreaming about?

Bored isn’t in our vocabulary, but FUN is!

Crew 2319 is all about personal growth through setting goals, trying new things, stretching ourselves in the wild (and around the corner), and practicing what it means to be both a leader, and follower.

  • Crew Adult Advisors and Consultants are here to help you design and conduct outings and activities, but it is up to the crew to do it.
  • The crew benefits from the resources of the global scouting program and properties, but the crew members make the crew what they want it to be.
  • The crew emphasizes service back to the community and leaving the places we have been better than we found them

Adventure isn’t just outside.