Youth Officer Roles & Responsibilities

One of the most significant (and least widely known) benefits of Venturing is the leadership experience that young men and women are able to get.  It is almost impossible to get anywhere near the degree of leadership experience typical in scouting outside of scouting before adulthood.

As a Venturing officer, you will be encouraged to take responsibility for many facets of the crew’s operations.  Some areas of responsibility will be harder for you to master than other areas.  But learning to take responsibility for others is part of the maturation process — part of growing up.

Your Role as a Venturing officer is

  1. Fostering and developing an environment within your Venturing crew that has a true sense of community, that encourages growth and responsibility to one another
  2. Working in a spirit of partnership with the Advisors of your crew
  3. Developing a program of activities for your crew and helping to carry them out
  4. Upholding the standards and policies of the chartered organization and Venturing BSA
  5. Ensuring that activities are conducted within Venturing BSA safety guidelines and requirements
  6. Cultivating the capacity to enjoy life — to have fun and to explore as you lead

Youth Officer Roles (click to see role responsibilities)