Crew Member Responsibilities

  • Communicate their interests throughout the year. Interests may change and develop over the course of the year, so it is important that members talk about their interests on an ongoing basis.
  • Suggest ideas for activities. We can not plan and delivery fun experiences unless members speak up. You can use the Activity Idea Log or bring them up in meetings
  • Participate regularly in meetings and activities.
  • Vote responsible for the best interests of the crew. The most important crew decisions are made by a majority vote of the membership.  Members should attend meetings and take part in discussions before voting, listen carefully to the different positions on the decisions that must be made
  • Work with crew officers to achieve the overall and specific goals of the crew.
  • Serve on the activity committees and/or as an activity chair.  The success of each activity and the success of the program as a whole depends on members taking their responsibility seriously and doing their best to make each activity meet the interests and needs of the entire crew.
  • Share the expenses. All members are encouraged to give input concerning the crew budget, and the entire membership votes to adopt or not adopt a proposed budget.  Once a budget is adopted, all the members are expected to contribute their share, paying dues and working on money-earning projects.
  • Seek the help of the Advisor or other adults as needed.
  • Recruit new members. The best people to recruit other young people for a Venturing crew are the members themselves.  Person-to-person contact is the most effective method of recruiting new members who can add fresh ideas and enthusiasm to a crew.