Activity Chair

The activity chair for an activity is selected by the crew president and Advisor and is responsible for:

  1. recruiting an activity committee (if needed)
  2. planning (using the activity planning process),
  3. promotion, and
  4. staging the activity.

For relatively simple activities, the activity chair alone may be sufficient to carry out these three responsibilities.  However, some activities in a crew are more complicated.  For these, the activity chair recruits a committee and, depending upon the activity, receives help from the Advisor and consultants.

For example, if the activity is a bowling night, the activity chair probably can organize, promote, and run it alone.  However, if the activity is a waterskiing party, then the activity chair might need other Venturers and adults to help with things such a equipment and transportation. 

When the activity chair works with an appointed committee to plan an activity, the chair and the committee should go though the seven planning steps together.  It is the responsibility of the chair to be sure that the activity planner (available in the crew’s google drive) is filled out and filed with the crew records.